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Ohio Lemon Law

You spent weeks doing research for the perfect new vehicle. You knew that this was a major financial commitment. More importantly, you thought you would love this new vehicle. But you continue to have problems that you have to keep taking back for repairs. You begin to wonder, is your vehicle is a “Lemon?”

You are not alone. According to Ohio’s Attorney General approximately 1% of all new motor vehicles sold every year in the United States are “Lemons.” Often a lawyer can help you enforce your legal rights when you have persistent problems that a dealer has failed or refused to repair in a timely fashion.

The lawyers at Laursen & Lucas, LLC have combined over thirty years of legal experience, have handled thousands of cases and achieved hundreds of thousands of dollar in settlements with the manufacturers of these vehicles.

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What is a Lemon?

Don’t wait to get legal help.

The Ohio Lemon Law is a great tool to use when you have problems that cannot seem to be fixed in a reasonable time or number of attempts, and allows you to get rid of your Lemon.

The Ohio Lemon Laws apply to “new” passenger cars, RV’s, SUV’s, ATV’s, motorcycles, and noncommercial trucks with problems that occur in the first year of ownership or first 18,000 miles of use, whichever comes first.

Manufacturers have a duty to repair defects or non-conformities that are brought to their attention during the warranty period. But sometimes they fail to fulfill their obligations. If the manufacturer fails to fulfill its obligations, and the problems substantially impair the use, safety or value, of your vehicle, you may have a Lemon.

What can happen if you have a Lemon?
If the vehicle qualifies as a Lemon, you can be entitled to get back what you have paid for that vehicle or get a replacement vehicle. If you decide to get your money back, you will also be entitled to have your loan paid off, get back out-of-pocket costs such as towing, rental cars, repairs paid, and more! In addition, you can ask for the manufacturer to pay your attorneys’ fees.

What if you do not a Lemon?
Do not despair. Even if you do not have Lemon there are various other laws in Ohio which can be used to recover money for consumers who do not meet the strict definitions contained in Ohio’s Lemon Law. These laws can apply to other consumer goods such as commercial vehicles, jet skis, campers, appliances, and more!

What if I purchased a “used” vehicle?
You can still get help. Consumer laws protect the buyers of used cars, too. Laursen & Lucas, LLC can also help if you purchased your problem vehicle used. CALL NOW FOR A FREE CASE EVALUATION: (513) 457-5545

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